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Timber-On-Line.com Ltd offer a wide range of very specified services directed exclusively at the Timber and Timber related industries.

From Timberclick our UK wide Timber Ecommerce brand with nationwide recognition to Sleepers Uk offering county specific Sleeper sales for local timber merchants specialising in Garden Sleepers delivered to your door.

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Timberclick is a recognised brand that has grown in coverage throughout the UK by promising quality timber delivered to the door by trustworthy timber merchants.The most important aspect of Timberclick is that it is a symbol of trust that the timber delivered is supplied by a Timber Merchant with experience and in-depth knowledge of the product and its usage. 
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Timbershops is an ecommerce solution aimed exclusively at the Timber Industry. Using our exerience of internet technologies and online marketing we are able to give Timber Merchants an advantage in the creation of their online ecommerce facility. Our experience in the Timber industry gives us an advantage over competitiors and allows us to offer a unique service to our clients including the creation of informative and accurate product details and helpful guides to assist your customers.
Learn more about TimberShops and watch the Video's.

Timber on line - technology solutions for the Timber Trade

Welcome to the main site for Timber-On-Line.com Ltd.

Timber on line is a unique service supplier exclusively for retailers and merchants within the Timber and connected industries.

Through our range of products we are able to offer timber merchants the opportunity to get published and marketed online with minimal effort. 

TimberShops - From profile sites to full blown eCommerce solutions, Timber On Line can provide a unique and proven revenue generation pathway to enable anyone looking to create a successful online presence regardless of experience or knowledge. TOL offer a full stock loading and site management solution or a fully optimised and marketed profile website that is graphically designed uniquely to match your own brand and colour preferences.

TimberSites - A unique and specific online Timber Trade Directory free to use and for those sites already online and wanting to get found. 

TimberClick - Very specific trade sales platform for Timber Merchants targeting selected postcode areas throughout the UK. Becoming a Timberclick merchant gives you a target market and exclusive region with a well recognised online timber brand that enable you to compete with big name retail outlets.

Garden Sleeper - Railway Sleeper specific shops selling Railway Sleepers by County. Highly focused solution for those that wish to sell more of this very popular product.

In addition we are able to offer online marketing services, direct email marketing solutions and promotional outlets through social media for our clients at extremely reasonable rates. All exclusive to the Timber Industry and related services.

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