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excusively for the Timber & related industries.

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As Ltd (TOL), sells web hosting and site management to our 'clients' the Timber Merchants, we do not directly sell or record customer data for the purposes of marketing or for the supply of goods. All data is kept on secure hosting services encrypted to current accepted standards.

All 'client' sites are monitored for admin access, file changes and directory structure changes and the only data recorded in domain access logs are IP addresses of visitors for the purposes of tracing any potential hacking attempts or technical issues. No personal data is recorded in those logs.

Our data logs are stored for a period of 6 months in the event that we need to trace back any technical issues.

In the event of any data breach we will inform the 'clients' that a data breach has occurred and provide all relevant details including those accounts and customer contact details that have been affected. It is then incumbent on the 'client' to contact those parties affected by any data breach.

At the first sign of any data breach the affected website and possibly server may be shut-down from external access for the purposes of investigation, all orders on hold will be subject to internal review and details of the extent of any attack will be released to the 'client'.

If you have any questions regarding this process please contact us through the standard contact addresses or through this website.