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SleepersGarden Sleeper allows Merchants to achieve significant growth in Railway Sleeper sales throughout their local County / Counties. Railway Sleepers continue to be a popular product amongst Landscapers, Builders and Diy / Garden enthusiasts, indeed here at Timber-on-Line.Com we have witnessed an incredible year on year growth in the online sales of these products and there does not appear to be any slow down, especiially with in excess of 250,000 per month being made throughout the Uk.

Our County focused Sleeper shops have been trading now for a good number of years with 'Sleepers Kent' being the initial pilot and leading the way. This store has been followed by 'Sleepers London' 'Sleepers Hampshire', 'Sleepers Lancashire' and 'Sleepers Yorkshire', in the coming months more will be added and they will be actively promoted not only in their own right at local level but nationally through 'Garden Sleeper'.

The cost to service one of our 'Sleeper Shops' is £350 Set up and therafter a regular £200 per month which covers all administration, marketing and optimisation, leaving you the Merchant with very little to do other than process orders online and over the telephone - easy!

If you are looking to grow your market share in Railway Sleepers then this really is an ideal solution for you, highly cost effective, free from the hassle of maintaining and administering an E Commerce store as we do all of that for you. Testimonials from current Merchants servicing these stores available.

If you would like to learn more or enquire if you 'County' is available then please contact us on 01303 814094 or email us