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excusively for the Timber & related industries.

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We design and create unique design on established secure platforms or develop unique single design HTML pages for bespoke use.

In most cases we prefer to use simple easily obtainable proven scripted site solutions that have a reputation for good security and regularly apply updates, but in many cases we can create a bespoke design exclusively for you that can be updated by in house personnel or using our site management service, we can carry update edits and updates usually within a 24 hour period.

Most of our existing clients simply email us changes to the site and urgent changes are carried out within a few hours of receipt or within a few days if no urgency is stressed.

In addition, we will tailor your content to maximise search engine visibility.

using your logo and access to any current literature, leaflets or brochures we can create a new website to match your unique brand and identity within a few weeks.All design changes are dependent upon client acceptance, so if you don't like anything we have done, we'll change it.


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