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worktops1aTimberclick Worktops is a website selling laminated worktops throughout the UK mainland. The site has high potential in a competitive marketplace and could easily turnaround the fortunes of any business looking to sell or start int his field. Traffic has been dropping off a little for Timberclick Worktops as there is increasing competition in this field and the domain needs some investment in marketing. Investment the previous merchant was not prepared to make.

The site is currently positioned number 1 in 5 keywords on Google and has first page positioning on 53 keywords including 'worktops kent', 'laminate worktops essex', 'prima work', 'kitchen worktop suppliers near me', 'worktops essex', 'cheap worktops birmingham', 'worktops near me', 'textured laminate worktops', 'textured worktops' and others.